My Videos

Introduction & Braking

My first YouTube video, in which I look at braking in detail and specifically, how to brake smoothly and progressively.

An Introduction to the System of Car Control

Here is my introduction to the system of car control - what it is, how it works, and a demonstration on how to apply it to several straightforward hazards.

An Introduction to Commentary

A few people asked me to make a video on commentary, so here it is! This is an introduction to commentary & a demonstration of the basics, together with some of the tricks and techniques I use and teach.


This is my introduction to overtaking - I've given a description of the basic principles and a demonstration of how to follow vehicles & how & where to look for the opportunities to overtake. The last 10 minutes is a montage of clips taken over the last few months showing overtakes where I have applied the principles described in the first part of this video.

Cornering Revisited

A second video on cornering - this time on a more tricky road with a much wider variety of corners, more restricted views and more to do on speed assessment and positioning.

Single Track Roads

A look at single track roads, how to deal with oncoming vehicles, how to pass slower vehicles, picking an appropriate speed & other things you should consider when driving on single track roads. All filmed in the North West Highlands of Scotland.

Cornering Lines

A quick look at cornering lines - something a bit different this time, I've used a drone in an attempt to demonstrate the correct lines to take through corners where there isn't a clear view on approach.

Following Position

A short video about following position, looking at the advantages of a good following position, how to check your position relative to the vehicle in front, maintain a following position using acceleration sense, and how to move your car around in the following position to obtain the best view ahead.


Reg's Trip to Siberia - Introduction

I've been out to Siberia for a week with my friend Daft Andy! Here's an introduction where I explain what the trip is all about & a quick taster of some of the stuff we got up to. More Siberia videos to follow very soon.


Driving in Siberia Part 1 - City Driving

Andy and I venture out onto Russian roads for the first time to play with the traffic in Chelyabinsk.



Changing Gear - Manual Transmission

Here's a detailed look at how to change gear smoothly in a car with manual transmission.




Here's my introduction to cornering, covering all the basics - position on approach, speed assessment, gear choice, the safe stopping rule and how to balance the car through the corner using steering & acceleration.


How to Avoid Brake/Gear Overlap (BGOL)

Following on from my video "An Introduction to the System of Car Control", this video looks at how to avoid brake/gear overlap (BGOL) during the transition from the speed phase to the gear phase. Many people struggle with this technique when they first start learning "Roadcraft" system, so I've made this video to help anyone who is having difficulty in eliminating BGOL.





How to adopt a smooth and progressive steering technique.



A run from Lancashire to North West Scotland

A quick summary of a 500 mile drive up to the North West tip of Scotland showing some of the glorious Scottish roads and quite a few overtakes. For a full explanation on my overtaking technique, check out my earlier video "Overtaking". I set this one to music because I didn't think you'd want to listen to Mrs Local and I chatting on the way up!



Night Driving

A quick look at the basics of driving at night. Not much traffic in the north of Scotland, but I've covered the principles of driving on unlit roads, the correct use of dipped and main beam and a surprise guest star makes an appearance at 08.10!



Acceleration Sense

A look at acceleration sense, what it is, how it works, and a few practical demonstrations of how to apply acceleration sense in everyday driving.




Advanced demonstration Drive

A local advanced driving group asked if I'd put together a demonstration drive video which they could use during their presentations for new members. It gives a good idea of the basic skills and techniques required to pass an IAM Roadsmart or RoSPA advanced driving test. Nothing too challenging or difficult - just a straightforward systematic approach to hazards and application of the principles in Roadcraft.

Siberia Part 2 - Country Roads

Andy and I have I ride out into the Siberian countryside, explore the limits of studded winter tyres & apply some advanced driving techniques on frozen Russian roads.


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